Bikeway Projects

The Department of Transportation's Bikeway Engineering Group is responsible for the design and oversight of new bikeway projects throughout the City of Los Angeles. Utilizing the City's Bicycle Plan as a guide and working with Council District offices, community groups and the Bicycle Advisory Committee's input:

  1. New projects are selected for preliminary design and engineering
  2. If additional environmental review is needed an approval process begins
  3. Funding sources are investigated and pursued
  4. Striping plans are developed, and/or civil design begins, in compliance with state and federal standards
  5. Bike lanes or sharrows are marked
  6. On construction projects (bike paths and Bike Friendly Streets), with the assistance of the Department of Public Work's Bureaus of Street Service and Engineering, a bid package is developed, bids are solicited and a contractor is selected for construction
  7. Bikeway construction begins!

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LADOT Bikeway Engineering staff, following the City's Bicycle Plan, seek funding for, develop and engineer bikeways with the support of the Department of Public Works' Bureaus of Engineering, Street Lighting and Street Services.

LADOT Bicycle Outreach & Planning staff, following the City's Bicycle Plan, provide outreach to the public, participate in additional planning efforts, and implement programs to facilitate the use of the bicycle for everyday transportation and recreation.

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Bike Plan Implementation Team (BPIT)

The "Bike Plan Implementation Team" was created as a program within the LA Bike Plan to help bike lanes, bike paths, and bicycle friendly streets get built. The main goals for the BPIT are threefold:

  1. Provide a consensus approach to implementation of the bike plan
  2. Serve as a trouble-shooting body for issues getting in the way of specific projects.
  3. Improve interdepartmental communication and public participation in implementing the bike plan.

The Bike Plan Implementation Team is comprised of City staff as well as representation from the bicycling community. The Team is to meet at least quarterly, but currently meets on the first Tuesday of every month. For more info, visit the Bike Blog's BPIT page.