Bicycle Programs

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Bike to Work Day

California Bike Commute Week is an annual project of the California Bicycle Coalition a non-profit organization that advocates increased bicycle use, access, safety, and education by promoting the bicycle as an everyday means of transportation and recreation.

Various special activities are organized locally by employers, ride share agencies, cities, counties, bicycle advocacy groups, bike shops and others who support bicycle transportation in California communities.

California Bike Commute Week is typically the third week in May, please check the official site for specific dates. In the Los Angeles area "Bike to Work Day" is usually the 3rd Thursday in May.

For more information visit Bike to Work Day's Official website or write to them at:

Bike to Work Day
P.O. Box 1446
Poway, CA 92074
Or call 619-679-1027

Using your bike to commute checklist:

  • Check out your bike. Is it safe? If not, take in for a tune up.
  • Use a map to determine your best route to work.
  • Drive the route, in the curb lane, during the same hours you would bike commute.
  • Talk to your employer about bike storage or incentives for bike commuters.
  • Dress for the occasion.
  • Don't cycle on an empty stomach. Cycling utilizes lots of calories.
  • Get an early start.

LAPD Officers on Bikes

Los Angeles Police Department Bike Patrol and the Bicycle Coordination Unit

Bicycles provide tremendous air quality and public health benefits. Under the Bike Patrols for Clean Air Grant, it is anticipated that the use of bicycles in patrol applications will generate a reduction of over 1.5 million vehicle miles traveled.

In most instances, the bicycles replace motor vehicles for patrol up to eight hours per day or longer. For example, the LAPD average vehicle mileage is 18,000 miles/year. Two bicycles replace one motor vehicle, and 85 bicycles replace 42.5 vehicles. The estimated number of vehicle miles traveled is reduced by 1,035,000 (as estimated by the SCAQMD).

Bicycle Coordination Unit (BCU)

In the 1970's, the Pacific Area began using a limited number of bicycles for patrol along the Venice Beach area to increase visibility during peak seasons. In the 1980's, the use of bicycles expanded to include community-based policing and increased visibility in congested areas of the City, and by 1990, most areas were utilizing bicycles.

In response to the increasing number of bicycles used for patrol, the department established the Bicycle Coordination Unit (BCU). The BCU is responsible for organizing the bicycle patrol units and maintaining the departmentís bicycle fleet.

Today, between 200 and 250 bicycle officers are deployed on a daily basis in all 18 Areas of the LAPD. Approximately 1,500 officers have completed the LAPD Bicycle Patrol School, which provides officers with five days of intensive, certified training in pursuit bicycle handling, bicycle safety, night patrol techniques, shooting, and maintenance.

Bicycle patrol provides greater visibility in high crime areas that are more difficult to patrol by motor vehicle, including public housing, retail centers, and beaches. Officers have easier access to congested areas than officers in motor vehicles and cover a larger area than officers on foot. Bicycles offer an effective approach to crime surveillance due to their decreased visibility.

Community and public relations have been improved through the use of bicycles; the improved public interaction has helped improve officer morale, as well as decreased sick-time, while increasing productivity. In some situations, bicycle patrols have proven to be more cost-effective than motor vehicles.

Bicycle Patrol Duties:

  • Patrol support
  • Response to calls for service
  • Gang suppression
  • Narcotics enforcement
  • Traffic enforcement
  • Community policing
  • Special details
  • Bicycle safety education
  • Special events
  • Undercover surveillance

LADOT Traffic Officers on Bicycles

LA Traffic Officers on Bicycles For short trips the bicycle is unsurpassed for air quality and efficiency. The City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT), Bureau of Parking Enforcement seeks to implement its programs in the most efficient manner possible.

As a part of attaining that goal the department sought funds from the Mobil Source Resource Committee to develop a program in which trips by vehicle would be replaced by trips by bicycle. To that end, in 1984, the LADOT developed the Traffic Officers on Bicycles Program, which included the purchase of bicycles, development of a program manual of policies and procedures, and trained officers in the use of the bicycle to perform their duties.

Today bicycles continue to be purchased and added to the program through funds from the Mobil Source Resource Committee. To date 49 bicycles are used on Bicycle Patrol in Hollywood, Downtown and the Westside areas throughout the city.

Officers on bicycles are used for parking enforcement, traffic control, impounding vehicles and assist with LAPD crowd control.