Bicycle Safety Quiz

Bicycle Safety Quiz

Test your bicycle safety knowledge

1. Riding against traffic on a two way street or against traffic on an one way street is:
a. recommended
b. illegal
c. dangerous but your personal choice.

2. When at a stop sign or red light you:
a. may roll through the intersection if it is safe.
b. don't need to stop.
c. must come to a complete stop.

3. A headlight must be used on a bicycle:
a. at night
b. never
c. at all times

4. A bicyclist should ride:
a. far enough out in the lane to avoid the unexpected from parked cars.
b. on the sidewalk when ever possible.
c. in the middle the traffic lane.

5. A bicyclist should use hand signals:
a. when turning right or left.
b. to let motorists know your intentions.
c. at stop signs.
d. all of the above.

6. A bicyclist intending to go straight at an intersection that has a "right turn only" lane should be in:
a. the "right turn only" lane.
b. in the travel lane next to the "right turn only" lane.
c. next to the curb.

7. A bicyclist under the California Vehicle Code:
a. always has the right of way.
b. has the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of vehicles.
c. must always yield to other vehicles.

8. A bicycle helmet:
a. can help protect children from head injuries.
b. is required by the law for all bicyclists under the age 18.
c. is recommended for adults as well as children.
d. all of the above are true.