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bicycle parking

Sidewalk Bicycle Rack Request Form

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Bike Parking FAQ List

This document was created to help ensure your rack request is approved and to give you insight into what we look for when installing sidewalk bike racks in the city of Los Angeles.

General Process

From a bicycle rack request is submitted, the address is checked on google streetview to determine if a bike rack can be installed at that location. If it appears a bike rack can be installed, the data is entered into a database and then the location is field checked and an attempt is made to contact the business owner/manager on duty. Then the location is marked with the location where the bike rack will be installed. Once marked, a monthly installation list is prepared for a contractor who will install the bike racks over the next month.  Generally, it takes from 1 - 2 months for a bike rack to be installed but the timeline can vary with the number of racks requested that month, the location of the rack in the city, and the availability of rack equipment.

If the location is not suitable for a bike rack, a response email is sent explaining why the bike rack cannot be installed at the requested location but this is dependant on contact information being submitted with the initial rack request.


The sidewalk bicycle parking program is for short term bicycle parking to be installed in public right-of-way in business districts on concrete sidewalk where space allows.

Examples of locations where racks cannot be installed:

  • private properties
  • schools
  • residential addresses
  • bus stops
  • yellow curb - loading zones
  • white curb - passenger loading zones
  • locations with conflicts such as utility boxes,storm drains, or metered parking spaces
  • Westwood Business Improvement District

Racks can only be installed on cement surfaces. The following surfaces will not accept bicycle rack mounting equipment:

  • pervious concrete
  • brick
  • porcelain tiles
  • cobble stone
  • dirt or grass
  • tiled surfaces


I am unsure of the property boundary.

You can look up property lines on

I submitted a request and would like an update.

Please do not submit multiple requests for the same location. Please contact our bike rack coordinator: Austin Sos, (213) 972-5054

Can you install racks at LAUSD schools?

We cannot install racks on LAUSD property which is the private property of the school district. If there is room to install racks on the sidewalk and the racks serve short term use (not for students use during the school day), we ask that you obtain written permission from the school principal before we can consider racks by school locations.